Sotonáutica, set up in 1988, is the senior nautical company in Puerto Sotogrande, dedicating ourselves exclusively to the world of nautical services. We are backed by the experience of 24 years offering a high quality service to our clients.

 Ourview of the nautical world is that the boat has her own life and any sailing experience entails seriousness and professionalism; from that attitude we work in order to achieve that the owner of a boat enjoys her with the maximum safety and entertainment.

We have our own warehouses and a staff of professional people for the execution of all the services that our customers could demand, such as the sale of new or used boats, maintenance, repairs, winter storage, rentals, documents processing…

 From Sotonautica we work for our service to be at the highest level our customers´ request…The nautical sector changes with the times and we try to adapt ourselves to these changes, having in mind that Sotonautica is a company that has withstood and grown up to this moment thanks to our select clientele.

 The best feeling of freedom is sailing, and it is a big pleasure for us to work together in order you live that.

 Cast off and we will be here when you return to port.

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